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What is Prolozone Therapy®?

Prolozone Therapy® uses oxygen in the form of ozone, natural nutrients and anti-inflammatories to regenerate and heal damaged tissues, joints, ligaments and tendons. Pain relief is almost immediate and so effective that the majority of chronic pain sufferers receive a permanent end to pain.

Opioid & NSAID-Free

100% Natural & Effective Therapy

Non-Surgical & Painless

10-Min Office Visit & No Down Time

Long-Term Pain Relief

75% of Patients Become Pain-Free

Conditions Treated

Don’t let pain hold you back!

Prolozone Therapy® is excellent for treating acute and chronic pain conditions like osteoarthritis of the knees, hips, and spine, degenerated discs, shoulder pain from rotator cuff injuries, and much more:


Back & Neck Pain


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Heel Spurs


Fractures & Sports Injuries


Joint Pain


Plantar Fasciitis


Post-Op Pain


Rotator Cuff Pain




TMJ & Tooth Pain

You Don’t Have to Be in Pain. Prolozone Therapy® Can Help.


Prolozone Therapy® Targets & Heals the Root Cause of Your Pain

Do you suffer from chronic joint, musculoskeletal or degenerative pain? Prolozone Therapy®, offered by Michigan Interventional Pain Associates, could be your answer. It is a safe, non-surgical treatment that provides an effective natural alternative to opioids, NSAIDs or cortisone shots.

Prolozone Therapy® entails a series of injections of a combination of ozone, natural nutrients and anti-inflammatories that provide:


Significant reduction of inflammation in the targeted treatment area


Delivery of nutrients needed to repair injured tissues, cartilage and tendons


Improved oxygen utilization that jump starts the body’s healing processes


Increases circulation of blood and lymph that sustain cellular improvements


High probability of complete, long-term pain reduction or even elimination

“Prolozone Therapy® is not painful and requires little or no down-time. Patients see an improved range of motion right away and a complete absence of symptoms, even in severe pain conditions, in the majority of cases. ” – Dr. Steven Wiener


Steven M. Wiener, MD

Dr. Wiener has been honored by Hour Detroit Magazine as a Top Doc in the field of pain management for multiple years due to his expertise and commitment to helping his patients reduce pain and live better lives. He is currently practicing at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates in West Bloomfield, MI.


Dr. Steven Wiener graduated from Wayne State Medical University, Detroit, MI in 1987. In 1992 he completed a one-year fellowship in Pain Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.


Dr. Wiener has been Board Certified in Pain Medicine by both The American Board of Anesthesia and The American Academy of Pain Medicine since 1993.

Prolozone Therapy® Training & Experience

Dr. Wiener completed advance training on Prolozone Therapy® from Frank Shallenberger, MD, who is the president of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) and a founding member of the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (ISCO3).

Heal Your Injury & Relieve Pain, Naturally.


Health-wise, 2023 was the most challenging year for me. I was living with unimaginable pain for most of the year. Then, a “Miracle” prevailed – I have been without pain for over three months. I call “Miracle” the several doctors involved in my healing, each with different treatments, and I am genuinely grateful to each one. I received Prolozone therapy from Dr. Steven Weiner. Because of my other medical condition, I only received three treatments, which I believe did help in my final healing. The correct diagnosis that my sciatica pain was caused by the piriformis muscle, not by a bulging disc as previously diagnosed was crucial in my healing process. Dr. Weiner asks many questions, lets you ask many questions, and gives you the answers and advice regarding your concerns. I highly recommend you consult with Dr. Steven Weiner at Michigan Interventional Pain Associates if you are in pain. His friendly staff is always helpful.

Marina Castro-Neves

Dr. Wiener and Dr. Minott are both incredible and knowledgeable! They take their time and really listen. They offer alternative therapies and don’t just push you into one option. Staff are all very pleasant as well. I highly recommend.

Marissa Nienhuis

I am so impressed with Dr. Wiener. I thought I needed surgery for my hip but after 3 treatments of ozone, I am free of pain. My other hip started to bother me so again I went to Dr. Wiener. And again, the pain is gone. If you are told you need surgery, please try this before going under the knife. It is a miracle treatment.

Gail Bernhardt



Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide if the Prolozone Therapy® is for you, we've included some answers to the most common questions people have when considering this pain treatment option.

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What is Prolozone™?

Prolozone® is derived from the Latin word "proli", which means to regenerate, proliferate and rebuild, combined with the word "ozone" which is a from of oxygen.

The name is appropirate because Prolozone Therapy® uses ozone, natural nutrients and anti-inflammatories to regenerate and heal damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons.

This therapy was developed by Frank Shallenberger, M.D., HMD in 1990 who is the president of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAO) and a founding member of the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy (ISCO3).

Dr. Wiener uses the homeopathic formula developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger to treat his Prolozone Therapy® patients.

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What types of conditions can be treated with Prolozone Therapy®?
Prolozone Therapy® is most commonly used to relieve chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerative disc disease, arthritic hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders.

However, Prolozone Therapy® works on just about any other pain problem you might have, including conditions like whiplash, pelvic pain, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, torn tendons, TMJ syndrome, sciatica, heel spurs, neuromas, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tears, knee injuries, and virtually any other sports injury.

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How does Prolozone Therapy® work?
The reason that some injuries completely heal and others don't has to do with circulation. In order for a damaged area of the body to regenerate and heal, it must have the critical elements that only the blood can provide including vitamins, minerals and oxygen. Of these, by far the most important is oxygen. Low levels of oxygen cause an accumulation of lactic acid, which is what causes pain.

Prolozone Therapy® works in three ways. First, homeopathic and circulation improving medications are injected into the injured area to reduce inflammation and swelling. This leads to increased circulation. Next, the area is treated with vitamins and minerals that are critical for healing. And finally, the area is infiltrated with oxygen in the form of ozone. The result is that the tissues get what they need to heal. And as they heal, the circulation to the area is re-established, and the treatment is complete. The response to treatment varies from person to person, but most people only need 3-5 treatments.

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Is Prolozone Therapy® right for my condition?

This question will be discussed during your first appointment with Dr. Wiener to ensure that you don't have any medical contraindications or limitations that would prevent you from receiving Prolozone Therapy.®

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What results should I expect with Prolozone Therapy®?
The response to treatment varies and depends on a number of factors including the severity of the injury, your body's healing ability, and the number of treatments you receive.  According to patient-reported results, there is a 75% chance of becoming permanently pain-free.

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How many treatments will I need?
Some people need only a few treatments, while others may need six or more. The injection process is repeated every 4-6 weeks until the maximum level of improvement is achieved.

Prolozone Therapy® is a safe, natural and often permanent.

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What are the side effects of Prolozone Therapy®?
All the research indicates there are no side effects when properly implemented by a trained physician, such as Dr. Wiener.

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Is Prolozone Therapy® covered by my insurance?
Prolozone Therapy® is not covered by insurance companies at this time and we do not provide assistance with insurance claims.

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Is Prolozone Therapy® the same as Prolotherapy?

No. Prolozone Therapy® and Prolotherapy are two very different types of treatment. Most notably, Prolozone Therapy® uses oxygen to heal the root cause of your pain while Prolotherapy uses inflammation to reduce pain. Also, Prolotherapy is extremely painful and patients experience pain days to weeks after each treatment. Patients receiving Prolozone feel immediate improvement, with little to no pain at all during or after treatments. Finally, Prolotherapy requires many injections, whereas Prolozone Therapy® only requires a few, making it a faster and less expensive treatment option.
Lastly, Prolozone Therapy is especially effective in regenerating the cartilage in damaged knees and hips. Prolotherapy is usually not able to do this.

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All I can say is, WOW! I have not had this kind of immediate relief before and it's now lasted over 3 weeks. I will be back for another visit!


Michala R.

I’m thrilled to have found a natural, opioid-free pain treatment that significantly helped my chronic knee pain – so much better than cortisone injections!


Manuel G.

After years of suffering from back pain I decided to try Prolozone Therapy. Now, my back feels better than it has in decades.


Robert K.